Creative phone booth design used in mall phone accessories shop

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Today I have one customer looking for phone booth used in the square of a shopping mall, he said his location has no ceiling.

So need something has to come with ceiling and wall, like a shop. So I remembered we did a nice phone booth for a UK customer before. It is a very creative design, the customer was very satisfied with our works and sent us nice feedbacks.

Here share with you:

phone booth phone booth

looks very nice?

It is a design very suitable for used in the Mall corridor or square. It used glass and mental to make wall and ceiling, inside use glass, outside use mental as decoration. this kind of design can prevent rain, sun etc, use glass for wall people can see your shop inside, this way can help attract customers. The outside mental can be a decoration, also can keep safe.

phone booth phone booth

After seeing these photos, you may be very interested in getting more details, here share with you:

1.size: 4m by 4m

2.materials: wood, tempered glass, black stainless steel, led lights, led signatures

3.Accessories: inside furniture(displays), logos, signatures, wood floor, led light

Do you like this phone booth?

After saw these photos, you may ask: Is assemble complicated? How should I assemble it?

Here answer you in detail:

phone booth phone booth

As you can see, in the workshop we will do all assembles, we will assemble the wall, ceiling, floor, door, we will go wires, add lights. We will assemble all inside furniture. Because it is 4m by 4m, very big,  we will divide it into two sections from the middle. One section 4m by 2m, and load them use the container.

So when you received the booth, you just need to join these two sections, and connect your mall electricity then can use, no need complicated assemble anymore.

If you want more details or want to see more models can just click our web:https://uniquekiosk.com/



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