Hey friend. are you plan to start your own phone store? are you still worried can’t find a special mobile phone kiosk design? here is a one popular yellow color mobile phone kiosk design for your meet. let’s see more details here.


Mobile phone kiosk design details

Mobile phone kiosk


When you saw this kiosk first sight. I think you will be deeply attracted by it. This kiosk is very simple. square shape. It can for selling mobile phone, laptop,  headset, phone case, and phone repair service. The whole kiosk the main tone is yellow match a little white, in the middle is some wood grain color cabinet. Looks very nice.


We can see the front part is the glass display showcase for showing the phone case. The whole kiosk surface is counter with ” Z” shape strip decoration, it’s hidden white led light strip. is very attractive. At the bottom are yellow color painting and stainless steel skirting. Do you like it?

Mobile phone kiosk




Basic information about this mobile phone kiosk

  • Size: 3000X3000mm.( 100% customize and high quality).
  • Color: white, yellow, beige wood grain.
  • Material: MDF, plywood, fireproof plate, tempered glass.
  • Accessories:  led light, lightbox.


We are a custom factory. Before we production, we need to have design renderings and construction drawings. Usually we recommend that do the design first. If you have design, please send it to us and we will make a detailed quotation for you. You pay a 50% deposit and we can arrange production. If you don’t have a design, please don’t worry. We have professional design team to help you create a new 3D design. Our design time is 2 working days. When you check the design and need to add new ideas. You can tell me and we will help you modify it. When you check the final design, you can send it to the mall for approval. And we will help you get pass as soon as possible.


Kiosk assembly

When we finish the production, we will assemble the whole kiosk and take some photos for you to confirm. When you check that everything is ok, we will do the whole cleaning work. In order to facilitate transportation and avoid cargo damage, we will divide the kiosk into several parts. And each part will be marked with a number.Such as 1234… like a construction drawing. When you receive it, you need to put them together, and then connect the wires according to the construction drawings and numbers, kiosk will work normally. Assembling a kiosk is easy, you can do it yourself.

Thanks for your time and reading, The unique kiosk is a direct manufacturer in China, we mainly work on the design and customize different types of mall retail kiosk and display showcase. if you’re interested to build a mobile phone kiosk like this one, pls feel free to contact us for free.

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