Mobile phones are a necessity in our lives. Due to the more and more developed era, the popularity of mobile phones has become more and more widespread. So this has also developed a business opportunity for us, which is to open a mobile phone shop. If the funds are insufficient, you can also rent a small booth in the mall. This can also save you a certain amount of money. After the business gets bigger, you can consider opening a mobile phone shop.

The phone kiosk can display the phone, phone accessory and atc. If you have computer, you also can use it to display. You know the glass display can display all kinds of the goods. So you can display the goods that you have.

White and Blue Phone Kiosk

You can see that the shape of the kiosk of this mobile phone is not very regular. But its appearance is very attractive, allowing customers to more clearly understand the whole structure. Its main colors are white and blue. This color is very suitable for shopping malls, because its color is very bright. So many customers can easily see it. Its main material is MDF, and the surface is painted. Generally for mobile phone cabinets, the painted kiosk will be more attractive.

The advantage of the glass showcase is that you can see the phone clearly. And can make the appearance of the whole kiosk more beautiful. The appearance of this mobile phone kiosk has two advantages. The first one is that it can attract more people to purchase. The second one is to make the whole kiosk more perfect. The long sides has glass display showcase to make the customer have the enough space to visit the product.

For the storage place, the inside of the kiosk have enough place to storage the product. As to the logo, each side will put logo to make people know it.

Production Details

  • Material, MDF
  • Size: 4x2m
  • Surface, baking paint
  • Color, white and blue
  • Style , Modern design
  • Hardware, stainless steel handle
  • Others, logo, led strip, stainless steel kick toe


The materials we build kisoks are generally plywood and MDF. We will use the plywood as a main material when we produce the food kiosk. Because the plywood is stronger and waterproof compared to the MDF.
For the jewelry kiosk, or mobile phone kiosk, MDF is more suitable. Because the surface of the MDF is very smooth, the baking paint will be more smooth and bright. This will make the whole stand very smooth and attractive. If there are more difficult shapes to make, MDF is the best choice.
So we use MDF as the basic material for this mobile phone kisok, and we use blue and white baling paint on the surface.

Some Question that You Want to Know


If you want the same one, the production time is about 22-25 working days. The shipping time depends on your country and what kind of transportation mode you want.
If you decide to make a new design according to your needs, we can help you make a new design. The design time is 3-5 working days. If you need it, we suggest that you can reserve enough time to prepare it.


Our kiosk will be divided into several parts for production. When you receive the kiosk, you directly assemble it according to the construction drawings. Then connect the wires directly. Finally kiosk can work.


Our packaging is EPE foam inside and wooden box outside, which is very strong. Inside, we will use PPE foam to wrap the edges and corners of the kiosk. Finally, wrap it with a film as a fixation. After the inner packaging is finished, we put the inner packaging into the wooden box. Finally, seal the box with nails. During the transportation, we will buy insurance for you. If the kiosk is damaged during transportation, we will ask the shipping company for compensation.

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