Through these years of development, the whole world has become an intelligent world. The cell phone have become more and more popular. All the people always want to use the advanced cell phone, so the cell phones have good sales these years. Due to these reasons, many business man want to start his business in this field. When you read this article, i think you also want to start your business on it,right? If you want to start it, this article we help you to make a right choice. Now follow me read it!

cell phone kioskSome information about this design:

As you can see in this picture, are you attracted by its color first? This kiosk uses yellow as the main color and matches many other colors. Such as the writing color, the black color, and so on. These colors let this kiosk looks more attractive. Not only the color is nice, but also the whole kiosk design also very nice. As you can see, it has many areas to display many cell phones and cell phone parts. The left and right sides of the kiosk all have two tempered glass display areas. It can be used to put some different cell phones. And it also has two writes hang the area with hooks. It cancell phone kiosk be used to hanging different cell phone parts. Then, you can see a tall black display area with tempered glass and a short black display area with hooks. It can also be used to put some cell phones and parts. Inside, you can see it have two yellow display showcases and have many cabinets that can use to put some machines and other parts that you want to put in. Besides, you can see there is a led box can use to put your poster and logo, inside it have an area to cashier. It also has an area to have a rest. what is more, the whole kiosk used the led light. So it looks very sunlight. The whole kiosk the color and design look very modern and fashionable. Do you like this design?

MDFHigh-quality materials:

We are a professional company, and we use high-quality materials to make the kiosk. All the materials before we use your kiosk, we will check again and again. So that is not a safety problem and the kiosk is nice.

The material category:

There are some pictures of lots of materials. Such as MDF with high glossy baking paint, tempered glass, stainless steel, man-made stone, LED light, and others.


Our packing and delivery details:

There are some pictures show our packing details. From it you can see, our packing is very strict. After we finished it, we will put it on the big wooden box with foam. So your goods will very safety. Before we ship it, we will confirm the kiosk is ready to ship.

What can we do for you?cell phone kiosk

Our company is a professional custom company. Not only a company but also a factory. We have our own factory and we have 11 years’ experience in this field. When you want to have a new design and want to have your own business, our designer will according to your requirements to help you and we are salesman all will friendly to help you, What is more, the most important is that our company is worth to trust.

All in all, thank you for your time to read this article. If you have any questions feel free to contact me! We will always online to help you. Welcome inquiry!

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