Bag display shelf

This paper introduces a new bag display shelf. This sleek and stylish shelf is designed specifically to showcase your beautiful collection of handbags in a way that catches the eye of every customer who walks through your doors. In this design drawing, it is composed of 4 rectangular metal shelves. There are two different types of display shelves. One had a locker under it that opened the door, the other didn’t. The top of each display shelves has two lights, under the light, our bags will look very gorgeous, and the bag store will also create a luxury atmosphere. On the display shelf, we can appropriately place some decorations, such as adding green plants to the design. Then a full-length mirror can be place next to our display shelf, so that customers can try the backpack bag to see the effect when choosing their favorite bag.

Material and size

The sleek metal frame of this display shelf is finished with a smooth and polished surface, giving it a contemporary and high-end look. This bag display shelf use the metal frame and MDF cabinets, it has two color, golden and white. Featuring multiple shelves, this display shelf provides a multi-tiered arrangement for your handbags. This allows you to create a visually stunning display, with each shelf showcasing a different style or brand of handbag. The tiered design also maximizes the use of vertical space, allowing you to make the most of your store layout.

Other size: L80cm by W30cm by H220cm.  L120cm by W30cm by H230cm.


Easy to assemble, this bag display shelf comes with detailed instructions and all the necessary hardware. You can quickly and easily set it up, allowing you to focus on curating and arranging your handbag collection. The sturdy construction ensures that this display shelf will last for years to come, providing a reliable and stylish showcase for your handbags.

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