The wooden display cabinet is the display that most cosmetics stores will choose. It looks more natural, gentle, and healthy. The cold metal feeling is reduced, and the wooden furniture allows us to have a better browsing experience. We all know that cosmetics are used on our faces, so their health is very important. There are many fakes online. When we buy valuables such as cosmetics, we usually go to the store to buy them.

There are many types, styles, and brands of cosmetics. When we start a cosmetics store, we have to consider how to display and what to display. What I want to introduce to you today is the wooden display cabinet in the cosmetics store.

Cosmetic Shop Furniture

They are a row of high-shelf cabinets against the wall, and we can place different products on each layer. There are 5 floors in total, and the amount of furniture can be determined according to the size of the store. We can see that there are light strips installed on the top of each floor, which look very bright. On the top of the cabinet is a lightbox painting, we can put posters or logos of our products. It plays a decorative role.

The three drawers below are for storage. We can put some inventory or our packaging boxes/bags.

This display cabinet is very conventional. Generally, many cosmetic stores will choose this style of laminate cabinet.

We all know that a shop cannot have only one kind of furniture. Only the combination of different styles can make our shop look more attractive. In addition to the high cabinet display against the wall, there are usually dressing tables or consultation tables. When we start a store, we also consider the variety of furniture.

Display Stand Production

We produced the furniture in our own factory, and they are all handmade. So we have a very good grasp of the details. We pay attention to the quality and effect of our products, so we will not provide poor products to our customers. The furniture in this is wood color.  Their substrate is plywood, and the surface treatment is laminate. The wood color we see is laminate. There are many styles of laminates. We will send you some wood color options when we start production. You can choose the color you like. If there are posters on the furniture, you need to send us the high-resolution pictures you want.

Because this display cabinet is equipped with light strips, we will reserve wires during production and install the light strips when the production is completed. The circuit will be tested before shipment, and we will pack it only after there are no problems. We can see that these cabinets are lined up, so when you receive the goods, you can connect the wires at the bottom of the adjacent cabinets together, and the remaining one needs to be connected to the power supply of the store On, it will work.

How to customize store furniture?

If you have your shop, you can send me your shop floor plan. We will design the furniture according to your shop size. When the design is completed, you can confirm all the details, and we can see the effect of the entire store in advance. If you need to modify it, you can tell me. We will modify the entire shop according to your requirements. After confirming the design, we can know the specific price and start production. The production time is about 28 working days.

So if you want to buy some furniture for your shop, please send me your shop floor plan and tell me your requirements. The shop design fee is 500-1000$. It depends on the area.


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