Modern cosmetic store fixtures design skin care products stand

The cosmetic product is very famous for women. So many people are going to open cosmetic shops. Are you want to open a cosmetic shop and looking for customized furniture? If yes, we are the best choice for you! We can help you to make the customize cosmetic shop interior design and the furniture design.

Because the cosmetic product is a high-end product and some are luxury brands. That is why usually the cosmetic store we need to make them good design and best quality. Today in this post, we want to introduce a modern cosmetic shop design with the black and white color concept to you.

Modern style cosmetic store design

We can see from the 3d design of the view of this modern style cosmetic shop design. Usually, for a cosmetic store, we can choose the main color according to your brand logo. This can help us to match the logo to the whole shop.

Cosmetic shop main color concept

For example, this cosmetic shop uses this way. The brand logo is white. So we design the whole shop white color combines with a simple color – black. We all know white and black color can match well.


Cosmetic shop interior design

Let us move to the inside of the cosmetic shop. The interior design of this cosmetic shop is modern and the bright light makes the shop look more high end. In the entrance of the cosmetic shop, there is a black and white squares wall display showcase with the top logo. You can display some hot sale products here. In order to let the customer can see them when they walk inside.


Cosmetic shop display showcase

Inside has a station with a mirror for the customer to sit and try the products here. And the back of this mirror station is a small round shape cashier counter. The material is MDF with black color glossy finish baking paint. And the back wall we can offer you the stainless steel lighted logo. The stainless steel lighted logo is very high quality and looks high end. It is better than the acrylic logo.


Cosmetic shop wall display cabinet

Against the wall of the cosmetic shop, we design the display showcase with the logo. The showcase has a stair design, so you can display more products on it. On the top of the cosmetic store display stands there are lighted boxes. Or another choice we can make them with the advertising TVs so that you can play the videos and the pictures as you like.


The material of the cosmetic shop furniture

MDF with baking paint is the main material. And other materials include stainless steel, tempered glass.

The size of the skin care product stand

For the size of the cosmetic store furniture, we will make with the size of your shop and customize the store display furniture for you.

How to make the cosmetic shop furniture?

For the customize skin care shop design, we will charge 500$ design deposit. Our design team will make a layout and floor plan to you first. And if the floor plan is good, we will start to make the 3d design. We will send to you about 5-7 working days.

After you check the 3d design of the cosmetic shop, you can get back to us your comments. We will change the store design for you if need. Before start the production of the cosmetic shop, we will make the construction drawing to you. And we need to confirm all the details before we start the production.



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