Cosmetics and skincare products are almost essential products for every woman. They can maintain our beautiful skin condition, and can also make us more youthful and beautiful. On the counters of many shopping malls, we can see many high-end cosmetics of different brands. Their display cabinets are very practical and attractive. There are enough lights to set them up more advanced. In addition to shopping malls, cosmetics stores are also very popular. Their similarities are that they need a good display cabinet to display their products. The cosmetic display cabinet I will introduce today can be applied to shopping malls and shops.

Cosmetic Display Stand

From the picture, we can see that this cosmetic display stand is very designed, and its display is irregular. The top layer is the lightbox painting and some glass laminates. Lightbox paintings can put pictures of our products or pictures of spokespersons. It is the decoration of our stand and one of the reasons that make this stand attractive.

Below is a display of some laminates. It has rectangular and laminate shapes. The background is white so that our customers can see our products more easily. We installed a light strip on the top of the stand and under the lightbox painting, and also installed a light under the laminate, so its brightness is sufficient. The bottom layer is some glass display cabinets and storage drawers. Our genuine products can be placed in the glass display cabinets, and the samples can be used in the display above.


Size: 500x40x280cm

Basic material: MDF

Surface finish: Baking pant

Glass: Tempered glass

Logo: Acrylic logo

Others: LED light, lightbox



Cosmetic Display Stand Install

The size of this stand is very large, so we also produce it separately during production. After all the construction is completed, we will put them together and test whether the circuit and each part are complete, and we will start packaging after confirming that it is correct.

Our installation is very simple. We will also send you an installation video after the complete production. Because each individual cabinet is complete, you only need to connect the wires at the bottom of the adjacent cabinets together, and then connect the main wire to the power supply in the store.

How to order the stand?

The space given to us by different stores or shopping malls is definitely different. So if you want to buy a cosmetic display cabinet, we must know the size of your space. Only in this way can we arrange a suitable display stand size.
We are a custom-made company, and all our furniture is designed according to customer requirements. Including size and overall style. The first step in starting a display stand design. We will design high-quality and attractive display cabinets for you according to your location, your brand, and local requirements. You can tell us all your requirements and send your logo so that we can start designing. With the design, the following steps are very clear. You can send the design to your shopping mall or city for review. After the review is passed, you can start production.

How can I get the stand?

We have our own factory, and all our products are handmade. So in the production process, you can check the condition of the goods at any time. After the production is completed, we will send you pictures or videos, and then start packing and shipping.
The shipping method is the sea, we can ship to your port or door address. If you arrive at the port, you need to pick up the goods at the designated warehouse at the port and complete customs clearance. If it is to the door, we will help you clear the customs at the port and deliver it to your designated address.

Our furniture price is based on size, material, and style. It depends on the final design. So if you want to buy some furniture, we can make a design first. Then we can know all details. Include the furniture price, effect, and shipping cost.




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