Now cosmetics are very popular in our lives. Different types of skin care products have different effects.
Skin care products that clean the skin and skin care products that provide hydrating effects. To avoid skin problems caused by external factors, some sunscreen products can be used for skin care. So many kinds of skin care products also require customers to choose products carefully.
In this industry, competition pressure may be relatively high. So we need to improve the overall structure of our stores. In this way, the product can be more attractive and attract more customers.

Cosmetic Display Stand

The cosmetic kiosk we use the MDF as a main material, the surface use the baking paint as a material. For each display stand will have the light box and the counter top, it can help you advertise your product. And will make the whole display stand more bright. Light strip is necessary for each display stand. It can help you display the product.

Product Detailed

  • Material: MDF
  • Size: 1200*400*800mm
  • Surface: baking paint
  • Color:white and black
  • Style: Modern design, R Shape
  • Hardware: stainless steel handle
  • Others: light box, stainless steel kick toe


How to start a cosmetics shop?

  • First, you need to find a good place to start your business. Because we all know that a good position will help you get more profits. Because of the large flow of people, more people will visit your store.
  • Second, after you have a position, you need to contact the manufacturer. Let them help you build the furniture for the beauty shop according to your requirements. Unique Display is a factory that specializes in designing and producing stores in shopping malls. We will make them according to your needs.
  • Third, we suggest that we need to make a design according to your shop size and your requirements. Then you can decorate the shop according to the 3d design.
  • Fourth, after confirming the design, we can start to produce shop furniture based on the design without error.
  • Fifth, arrange a 50% production deposit.
  • Before loaded the display stands, arrange the final payment.

Our customers have some questions:

From the design to the time of arrival at Marseilles, what is your estimated delivery time?

The design time generally takes about 3-5 working days, but I suggest that we need to reserve more design time. The time includes 3d design + modification design + construction drawing.
Generally, it takes 28-32 working days for shop furniture. The specific time depends on the amount of furniture in your shop. The transit time to Marseilles port is about 30 days, but you need to consider 3-10 days for customs clearance.

How can you protect it from damage?

We will use EPE foam to wrap the display showcase. We will use EPE foam on the edges and corners of the display stand to protect the display stand. Then use film for packaging and fixing.
For the exterior, we use MDF to make wooden boxes. Then put the inner packaging into the wooden box. Finally seal the box with nails.

Can I customize the display stand?

Yes, we are a customized company and can customize cosmetic display stands according to your requirements. Can you tell us which style you like, what color and size? We will meet your needs. If you want to put the logo on the display stand, we also can do it. This will make your brand known to the public.

Is it easy to use?

Yes, it is not very heavy, one or two people can put it in the shop. If you need, we can also add wheels to the bottom of the display stand for easy movement. There are also led lights, light boxes, we have already installed them. You only need to connect the wires to the shop. The display stand can work normally.


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