High-quality make-up stand cosmetic store display furniture

A good cosmetic store design can not only attract customers also increase your chances of selling products. Unique Furniture is a professional store furniture manufacturer, our excellent designers can help you create the design you want.

Cosmetic store description

From the picture, we can see the cosmetics display counter put in the middle, with poster lightboxes installed. And the cosmetics display stands on either wall side. The mirror is installed in the middle of two cosmetics display stands, which is very convenient for customers to use. The round pink sofa in the front can be used as a waiting area for customers.

Next to the waiting area is the cashier desk, which is also mainly pink. A poster lightbox is installed at the back, so can impress customers deeply. There are two makeup counters in front of the cash register desk, which is easy to provide makeup service for customers and improve the service level of the store.

The color of the whole store is mainly white and pink. This design style is very suitable for women’s aesthetics, and it is easy to get their attention. Please pay attention to the lighting and decoration on the ceiling, our designers are based on the customer’s requirements to design, both unique and good-looking.

This whole layout picture shows the proper use of space. The cosmetics display stand of both wall side is respectively equipped with LED strip and spotlights, which can increase the brightness to highlight your products. And we can see a different floor under the makeup counter. Our factory can also provide different types of flooring, which can customize according to your store style and size, with good quality and easy installation.

How do I open my new store?

You need to find a suitable store first, and make a business plan. You should clearly know what style and size of the store you want. Our designer will make the 3D design according to your shop floor plan and your requirements. And all the furniture and your logo can add to the design. That way you can confirm all the details. 

Store management skills

Determination of business model

To successfully operate a cosmetics store, it must take a differentiated route and have a distinctive management idea. And operate multiple different types of products to make profits.

Store decoration

Cosmetics store design grade will directly affect the business status. The interior design of the store must be simple and modern, with good lighting decorate and a reasonable layout. And put some small accessories popular among consumers in the store to attract customers into the store.

Franchise brand

Cosmetics basically need brands to maintain. A good brand is not only easy to win the trust of customers, but also can improve the influence of the store.In addition, the brand owners directly supply you, do not have to worry about product quality and other problems.

Display products

The layout of the products should be hierarchical, the higher prices should place at a level with the line of sight. The promotional products should make marked, similar products should put together, and they should place neatly and beautifully.

Reasonable product marketing plan

Use coupon form and full reduction form to stimulate customers’ consumption desire. Such preferential way although the profit is not very much, because of the cheap factor will increase the customers buy the number of your products. And more quantity will naturally increase turnover.



Unique furniture has more than 14 years of experience in making furniture for cosmetics stores, and has a professional design team. If you want to open a new store, please contact us. Can provide more design for your reference. Meanwhile, from the design, production, and delivery, we will make step by step according to your requirements.






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