Creative Crystal Kiosk Design for Mall Sale

Hello, welcome to our web, I will introduce you to a new high-end crystal kiosk to you, We are a furniture factory, with many 10 years of export experience. Our main market is north America, south America, and west European. So if you want a customized crystal kiosk, we can be your reliable supplier.

crystal kiosk

Description of this crystal kiosk

This crystal kiosk size is 2.4×1.8m, we can make a crystal kiosk based on your size. The main stone is black and white. Besides the counter, we can see the white top and drawer on the left side. What’s more, the kiosk has several layers, each layer has a glass cabinet with a light tube to show your products. The cabinet inside is too bright so it can let your crystal looks more beautiful and attractive.

Design details

The kiosk has a very high-end tone, it must be very shiny when you use it. On the left side,we can see the acrylic logo and this kiosk has tv player. You can see the promotion effect clearly. The bottom has a 5cm base. we install the socket and electrivty on it and the base area material is staineless steel. Every layer glass display cabinet has a lock with key, also has led light strip in it to light your product.crystal kiosk

From the right side, you can see the logo and white counter with some drawers, it is a cashier counter. You can put your cashier register on it. The crystal kiosk’s basic material is MDF with baking paint.

Order process

The first step is design. The 3d design include the 3d design effect paint and the construction drawing. We will design the kiosk based on your needs. Because our kiosk’s price depends on the final design, so only after we confirmed the design, we can give you the exact price. So please let me know the kiosk size you need first.

Thank you for you reading! to leran more, please contact me

phone: 13725566205


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