High-end Beauty Salon Store Furniture Cosmetic Display Stand Design

Now more and more beauty shops and makeup shops are opening. This is because people are increasingly demanding their appearance, especially women. With the economic development and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and spending power. The market has generated a huge demand for beauty and beauty salons.

The sales of beauty products are the largest income of beauty institutions. And the composition of their income is mainly skin care products. The sales of beauty products mainly include skin care products, hairdressing products and cosmetics. Then open a cosmetic shop will obtain a huge profit, many people will catch the opportunity.

Beauty Shop with Unique Ideas

The customer is our returned customer, and  ordered the eyebrow kiosk from us. She also want to open the cosmetic shop again. The shop can not only sell the cosmetic product, but also can beauty eyebrow. When customer enter into the shop, if they want to beauty eyebrow, we also can choose the favorite product to beauty their eyebrow.

Introduction for the shop

In a cosmetics shop, there are display cabinets of different types of cosmetics, and the reception counter, and beauty eyebrow place. This is a beauty salon cosmetic store. The whole shop is a luxury style, you can see on the picture it is golden color stainless steel and white color baking paint, black baking paint.

Shop Layout

The shop has a glass wall, so you can put some individual cosmetics showcases. In this case, customers can see it outside the window. This shop is divided into two parts. The outside is the cosmetic display area, and the inside is the beauty eyebrow area. The main goal of the whole goal is to provide convenience to customers, allowing customers to freely choose the products they want.

We put the cash register on the side so that customers can see our products more clearly.

For Display Stand.

The main colors of the display cabinet are black and white. Gold stainless steel is usually added to the display cabinet. This will make the entire shop look high-end. There will be light strips on each display cabinet, so that this product can be better displayed.


3D design

We have professional design team, and can customize the 3d shop according to your needs.  For shop design we will need 500-800USD, it depends on your shop size. It will be refunded to your deposit when you confirm the order. The 3d design will show all  the angles of shop, then you can see the whole effect. If there are any modification, we also can assist you modify it.


Some questions you may want to know about the cosmetic store display furniture:

1. What is the packing of the cosmetic retail display furniture?

We will pack the retail commercial display furniture divided. The package is foam inside and wooden box outside which is very strong and safe.

2. How to ship the skincare product display showcase?

We will ship the commercial furniture to you by sea or by air. Please send the address to us, we can check the shipping cost to the nearest destination port from you and door to door service.

3. How to install the display showcase when receive them?

You just need to connect the wires together with male and female connector into the shop electric supply, then the shop are going on.

4: when will we receive it?

The time include the design time, production time, and shipping time. The design time will take 3-5 working days, the production time will take 25-28 working days. For the shipping time, it depends on which country you located.

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