Pink color beauty salon furniture hairdressing mirror station

It is human nature to love beauty, and in the rapid development of the beauty industry at present. The decoration style of the hair salon often determines the flow of customers.

The barber shop is indispensable in our life. Nowadays, the industry is also quite competitive. If you want to go beyond your competition, first start with the design and decoration. Next, let’s take a look at a beauty hair salon shop design together.



1 – Front desk reception is the first space customers into the store. In designing and decorating the store’s strength, the receptionist ambry can put some interesting decorations. Stimulate customer’s interest, let everybody have a very happy environment.

2 – The interior space decoration. A hair salon shop is a place where most customers look in the mirror. Placing the mirror more often, in a shop, can not only increase the storage space. Also can let the customer enjoy yourself from various angles.

3 – Room — a perm chamber is a barber shop, where employees and customers can communicate with each other. Might as well put a few flowers and plants in the decoration, decoration some dolls, or put some TV series. So that customers can enjoy entertainment and to kill time, adjust their body and mind.

4 – Shampoo facilities – for shampoo shop, the adornment of the shampoo facilities and placing quality has a great influence on the business situation, can’t close to the bathroom. The ceiling space can’t be too short, therefore, we should pay attention to buying shampoo and placement facilities.



We can make a customized beauty salon shop design for you. And we can talk about the layout to work out the floor plan first before we make the 3d design. You can send us your favorite shop style and we can make the design to fit your requirement.


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