Modern style beauty salon shop hairdressing styling station

At present, there are many popular decoration styles in the decoration of hair salons. The determination of style can form a certain difference with peers and increase their own characteristics. Moreover, the decoration style and the hairdressing style that the shop is good at can be matched to attract more consumers.



There are many types of hair salon decoration. Such as neat hair salon: choose light gray and marble as the main color of decoration. Most of the consumer groups of hair salons are young people. Young people do not like cookie-cutter decoration and have a more personalized style. The shop style of this beauty salon shop is a modern and simple design. 


On the left side of the hair salon shop is a long and big mirror station. And on the right side is 3 separate mirrors stations. Inside against the wall is the wall display cabinet with led strip light on each shelf. You can put some shampoo and this area can for storage. For the size of the display cabinet, we can customize it according to your shop size. You can send us the layout you want.


If you want to open a beauty salon store design, you need to find a shop location first. And then please send us the shop size to us. Our design team will make the beauty salon shop design with your shop size. For a customized beauty salon charge a 500-1000$ design deposit. And we will discuss with you about the beauty salon design and make the design in 3-5 working days.

In the shop style, you can send us some reference pictures or tell us what color you want. We will make it according to your idea. If you want any comments please let us know, then we will change the hair salon design for you.

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