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The beauty industry growing very fast. Because all the people take care of their beauty. So that is why now many barber shops, hair salon shops, hairdressing shops take shape…

If you are willing to open a barber shop, but don’t have the idea how to do it, please contact us. We can help you to make a whole 3d design of your barber shop or hair salon shop. Our design team can make what you want on the 3d design to see how is the effect. This post will guide you on how to make an elegant beauty hair salon store.


Front desk design of barber shop:

In the decoration of the barber shop, we must pay special attention to the design of the front desk. After all, the first thing the customer sees is our front desk. So from an overall point of view, this area is more important. The front desk design of the barber shop must conform to the style of the entire shop.

The lighting effect of the lamps in the hairdressing shop is the key.

Barber shop decoration

The difference between barbershop and home decoration, the selection of decoration lamps in the barbershop has a great influence on the later decoration effect.

When we are decorating, we should choose the lighting according to the characteristics of our store. The mirror can have multiple shapes. For example, the picture below is an oval, not a monotonous square.

The other is the furniture decoration in the store. Our company has been committed to commercial furniture for beauty salons for ten years. We can do the entire store design for you, including ceiling, floor, wall decoration, barber table, waiting area and so on.

We can see from the 3d design of this beauty salon shop, the cashier is the marble stone counter top and with purple sofa leather. Counter body with wood finish and the toe kick we add the stainless steel to protect it.


 Styling station design

The styling station on the design, it matches the whole beauty salon shop’s style. Grey tile color on the wall with purple color led strip light. The wall inset the mirrors and the tables are classic European style. Meanwhile, we put the purple color barber chairs, it is so beautiful.

Ceiling lights of the hairdressing store

The ceiling has many beautiful ceiling lights, luxury and high end quality. Hope you like the style of this hair salon shop. We can make it with your favorite style.


Hair salon shop customize design

The store furniture of inside we can make with the style you want. So usually for the first step, we need to make a 3d customize hair salon shop design. We can make the shop design with the shop style you want. And we will give you some concepts to choose from.

If not satisfied, we will change it as you like. This needs us to communicate well and understand your requirements clearly. Our team is the best choice for you!


How to get the 3D design from Unique Furniture Co. Ltd.?

Please tell us your store size, ( floor plan ), logo and other requirements. We will discuss it with the designer and give an idea.

3D shop design we will charge 500USD design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost.

Our designer will provide initial sketches & 3D visuals to ensure we match your needs.

If you want any changes, we will change as you like.

After confirming the final 3D design, we quote the costs and confirm all the details.

We will send the construction drawing to you for final confirmation.



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