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Women love beauty, and they spend a lot of time on their styling. So now there are more and more businesses opening beauty shops and hairdressing shops. Beauty 21 is a chain beauty store brand in Canada. This customer ordered several kiosks and shop furniture in our company. We are the professional manufacturer customize the commercial furniture for customers. So if you want to start an eyebrow or beauty salon business, please don’t hesitate to contact our sales team.


3D design of the eyebrow threading kiosk & beauty salon shop furniture:

This is a beauty salon shop of beauty 21 eyebrow brand. When the customer enter the shop, you can see the cashier counter on the front. The cashier counter we can customize your logo on it. You can see the below 3D design, we make the logo 3D acrylic lighted logo. On the back of the cashier counter, we have the advertising TV. Advertising TV can use to play pictures or videos. Also near the cashier counter, we have the waiting area for customers to sit. Inside we have the hairdressing styling stations. Here we can use for makeup or hairdressing or do the eyebrow. And the wall we have some display shelves for you to put some products and other things.


We are a professional factory to make the store furniture display cabinets. Not only we have the design team, but also have a construction team. For the shop design, we will make a new one shop 3d design with your floor plan and other requirements. We include all the store furniture, display showcase, work cabinet, cashier counter, 3d logo, all the lights and so on. Each cabinet have the same lock with key. Please welcome to text us if you want to make a beauty shop. Thank you.

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