High-end atmosphere gold nail bar kiosk for sale

Many people all hope they can become more beautiful. Especially women, they start getting manicures and want to become charming. Nail bar kiosk can help you provide good service and attracts customers. Today, I want to share a very nice manicure table with you. It’s good to provide nail service, pedicure service and can also help you put brand name and logo.

Basic information on nail bar kiosk

  • size: 20*10ft and we can custom-made it according to your need.
  • material: MDF, plywood, tempered glass
  • Surface finish: baking paint, laminate
  • Color: gold yellow and white and customed.
  • Accessories: Led light strips, lamps, lightbox, wires, locks, and keys, etc.
  • Logo: 3D luminous logo, acrylic logo
  • Package: EPE Cotton+Bubble Pack+Corner Protection+Wooden Box for long-distance delivery
  • Design time: 2-5 working days for the first drawing. Recommend to leave more time to confirm the design
  • Delivery time: 22-25 Working Days, we should check produce time before order
  • Payment: 50% Deposit, 50% Before Shipping, TT, Trade Assurance, Western Union

As for a new nail bar kiosk, it includes nail tables, pedicure chairs, glass display showcases, a waiting area, etc. Different people like different nail kiosk styles, so we have to find a better layout, decoration to help our business. The front area has 5 manicure chairs, people can sit down and enjoy service. Near the entrance is a checkout counter with a brand name, which good for advertising. Between the back wall and front side is a display showcase. Besides, the back wall has a brand letter and two sinks for hand wash. The outside corner has a waiting sofa for rest. Do you like this nail bar kiosk layout?

3D design pictures show

Design drawing pictures show the layout and details directly. You can see how it matches our brand culture. It also allowed to modify somewhere and makes it better. 

How beautiful it is! The main color of the kiosk is white with high glossy yellow lines. That gives people a very unique and different feeling. You can also change to another color, like green, brown, blue, etc. This luxury nail bar kiosk allows two pedicure services at the same time. Which can reduce the waiting time of customers and get more praise. Only in this way can you go further and earn money.

How to start a nail business?

1. Technical support

To start a nail shop by yourself, the most important thing is technology. Technology is the core of a shop. No matter how luxurious your store decoration is, as long as your skills are not good, there will only be a handful of consumers caring for your store. So technology is an important thing to open a nail shop.

2. The location of the store

Regardless of any industry, as long as it is opening a store, the location selection is very worthy of attention. So when choosing an address, choose a place where entertainment facilities are concentrated, such as a shopping mall. And the nail shop does not need to be too big. 10 squares or a few squares to facilitate cost control

3. Shop decoration

Since it is a nail shop, it is related to beauty, so the decoration style should not be sloppy. According to a survey, the decoration style of the nail salon determines whether customers are willing to enter the store to experience. So if you want customers to come again and again, the decoration should not be bad. And it needs to be decorated from head to toe, from inside to outside, as well as lighting, chairs, etc.

4. Nail products

In addition to looking good, nail art products are more important to health. Because nail art products directly affect the human body, for consumers, the quality of nail art products also determines whether they consume. Nail art is a kind of repetitive consumption. If nail salons want to retain customers, then healthy, safe and high-quality nail art products are indispensable.

If you have any new ideas about nail kiosk decoration, please feel free to contact us. We are glad to help you make unique nail bar kiosks. Thank you

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