European style nail kiosk with display cabinets for sale

European-style nail kiosk becomes more and more popular nowadays. A simple design style can create a different atmosphere and can make your shop look upscale and stand out. Are you looking for an attractive and luxury nail kiosk? Do you need a customized manicure and pedicure kiosk in the shopping center? Please don’t skip this beautiful nail kiosk.

The birth of nail kiosk

When I first see the nail kiosk, it attracts me. When I saw the kiosk for the first time, it attracted me deeply. My client is also satisfied with this design. This design was produced by our designer in a week. It is inspired by the needs of customers, but our designers rationalize them.

The design of the kiosk is very unique. It has a white nail table with five luxurious seats, which can be used to provide customers with a manicure. In the corner, there are two seating areas where toenails can be trimmed. It has a three-dimensional luminous logo on the front of the counter. Most importantly, the kiosk has a rest area where people can rest, which is very convenient. There are wall cabinets on the back wall. It can be used as decoration and display space at the same time.

The reception counter near the white high display shelf. Facing the public has a large light light poster to show the beautiful nail arts. High stand with the brand logo with a round light box paint on the top. It looks very unique and attractive.

Design pictures show

From the design pictures, we can view all directions clearly. Let’s see the round corner, which avoids sharp edges and corners and is mainly used to protect customers from accidental injuries. Besides, you can even choose favorites color, materials to make the nail kiosk more special.

More information:

  • Size: 5m by 2m, or customized according to your shop size.
  • Color: white and grey or customized for you
  • Main material: MDF, wood, and so on
  • Logo: acrylic Logo
  • Cabinet: wooden cabinet.
  • Design time: 2-3 working days.
  • Production time: 22-25 working days.
  • Payment: TT, Western Union, 50 % deposit, 50 % balance before shipping.
  • Packing: this cosmetic kiosk+foam inside+wooden box outside.

Design and production steps:

A business plan is very important to open a nail kiosk. All your needs show directly in the design drawing, where you can see how it looks like finally.

Design details:

Firstly, confirm the location size and decoration idea. You should first sign off the contract with the mall manager and know all rules of the nail kiosk.

Secondly, pay a 300usd design fee. It protects the interests of both parties. The money will refund when producing a nail station.

Thirdly, create a 3D design model of a nail kiosk. Our design team will propose all effective solutions and choose the most suitable as the final display solution.

Fourthly, check and confirm the final design. If you like the design, confirm it as the final drawing and move forward. Or let us where need changes, we can help you make an adjustment.

Finally, make a construction drawing. It includes an electronic plan, material plan, counter split plan, installation guide, etc.

Production details:

Before production, we should first confirm everything. Such as choose color code, send us your LOGO file and posters file, and tell us what voltage you require, etc. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping. We should first prepare materials. The next step is to make wood bodies for each counter, which shown directly in the detailed drawing. Then, finish the surface decoration, this part takes 7-12 days. Because we are purely handmade, the workers pay attention to all the details to ensure quality. Assembly and test is the final step before delivery. We have to connect wires, instal cabinet doors, and fix the brand logo. So you can get the correct nail kiosk.

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