Beautiful nail bar kiosk,the simple but elegant nail bar kiosk.

Beautiful things always bring good mood,if you are a women, we hope we can become even more perfect,start with your nails,begin your yourney to beauty. if you are a man, you may accompany your wife go to manicure.whoever you are, the manicure is important for us,so if you are looking for a nail kiosk,if yes, I can help you. Now our workshop has luxury nail kiosks, very fashionable, I believe you would love them,today let me to introduce you to a suave fashion nail bar kiosk. Hope you can take it your consideration.

Please allow me to show you some images of it.

It is beautiful,we can see,it has many layers that it can hold a lot of nail polish,the surface of this kiosk is white, make it looks very clean, there are three benches for clients and two sofa for the people of pedicure.It has glossy surface and durable table angle. it have a stainless stell baffle,it looks very lovely, isn’t it?

Some basic information of it.

  • Size: usually is 6m by 3m and customed
  • Main material: MDF, stainless stell skirting
  • Surface: paint finish, wooden cbainet
  • Inside: 3 manicure, 2 pedicure.
  • Color: purple and white, or customized
  • Design:3d drawing
  • Packing: foam inside + wooden box outside
  • Payment:wire transfer or western union

How to build a nail kiosk like this one ?

At first ,you need contact and share your ideas to us . such as your shop size , your like color , your logo etc , then we can help you make a new unique design and put all of your ideas on it . you can submit the design for get the mall approve . if the mall manager have any question for the design , we can help you modify it . after get mall approve , we can work on the kiosk construction plan and start production this kiosk, usually build it about need 20 work days , We will take photos and update the progress during production . when we finished , we will assemble it and take photo or video for your check, then we will package and arrange shipment it to your port . if you need , we also can direct send this kiosk to your address .

About assemble :Assemble this kiosk is very easy and fast . It can be assembled quickly even without any experience . before we production this kiosk . make construction plan . you can see this kiosk will be cut to some reasonable part . put an ordinal on it , like 1, 2 , 3 , 4 …. when you received the kiosk . you just need put each part together and connect the wire is ok.

welcome your inquiry, at the same time, thanks for your browse, if you want to know more information, please contact me, I am looking forward to your inquiry.have a good time.






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