Beautiful nail shop, simple but elegant nail shop.

Beautiful things always bring a good mood. If you are a woman, we hope that we can become more perfect, starting from your nails, starting your beautiful journey. If you are a man, you can accompany your wife to a manicure. No matter who you are, a manicure is important to us, so if you are looking for a self-service kiosk, I will help you if possible. Now, our studio has a luxurious nail booth, which is very fashionable. I believe you will like it. Today, let me introduce to you a gentle and stylish nail pavilion. Hope you can think about it.

Description of manicure cabinet

We cooperate with this bran’LAKA’ for many times and help the owner build many kiosks before. This is a franchise brand, all franchisees need to buy at the brand shop counter. So we help customers made the same kiosk style in different size to different port. We can see that it is very beautiful and can hold a lot of nail polish. It has many layers. The surface of the service kiosk is white and looks very clean. There are three benches for customers and two sofas for people. pedicure. It has a smooth surface and a durable worktable angle. It has a stainless steel frame and looks cute, doesn’t it?

There is a large checkout counter in the entrance as a shop front. Glass display counter next to it to place more nail polish products. Which show the goods in a unique way and customers can choose conveniently. While the sidewall has glass shelves, so people can choose the items even goes by. The backside has two pedicure chairs and can also do manicure service when a busy working day. There are 3 nail tables in the shop centre to provide services, and accompanist people can also sit here to have a rest. Water sink and display counter in the side to help you work better. Do you still like to paint bucket decoration? Brand logo place outside wall as a symbol of the company. Would you choose this manicure cabinet as the basic design?

Basic information show

  • Size: usually 6m x 3m, and can be customized
  • Main material: MDF, stainless steel skirting
  • Surface: painted surface, wooden cabinet
  • Inside: 3 manicures, 2 pedicures.
  • Colour: purple and white, or customized
  • Design: 3D drawing
  • Packing: inside the foam + outside the wooden box
  • Payment method: wire transfer or Western Union

How to build a nail kiosk like this one?

First of all, please tell us about your manicure cabinet size, your favourite colour, logo, etc. Include your other design ideas. Then we start 3D design based on the information you provide, and of course, our designers will add new elements to make your shop look more attractive. This design takes about 3-5 days to complete, you can submit it to the shopping centre for review and quickly get the shop permit. If you need to make small changes, we can help you make changes right away. Secondly, 3D design drawings include three-dimensional pictures and detailed design drawings. Once you get approval, we can arrange the production immediately. The review time usually takes a long time (you need to negotiate with the mall). It is recommended that you reserve more time to avoid delays in opening time. Production usually takes 22-25 working days. Next step is to check production details, we will try to take as much as pictures for your confirmation. So you can see how the kiosk being completed.

About Shipping and assembly:

Before shipping, we should first test the kiosk and make sure everything works well. Will take videos to show you. Next step is to clean the kiosks, so you can use it directly when receive it. Third, package the counters well. So it won’t heart during long-distance transportation.

Assembling this kiosk is very easy and quick. Even without experience, it can be assembled quickly. Because we will mark on the wooden box packaging according to the drawing. So you can find them accurately and put them in the right place. If you still have questions about the installation, please let us know. We will make a detailed installation instruction for you. You only need to follow the steps and connect the wires to use.

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