Green Tractor Plush Toys Kiosk Creative Toys Display Stand

With the development of the economic, people’s life is better and better. The children has happy life everyday, and more people pay more attentions on the children. They will buy many toys for the children and take them to the toys shops to have fun. When you have the cute toys kiosk to sell the toys in the mall, it will be very popular.

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Cute Toys Kiosk

The toys display kiosk is for displaying the plush toys, if you want to show other types toys, it is useful widely too. The design shape of the toys stand is very creative and imaginative, it is made like the tractor. It has two spotlights as the tractor eyes, and black decoration as the nose and mouth. The toys kiosk has 4 wheels, chimney and the seat for children to sit and play the steering wheel. About the steering wheel, it can play the music and some other voice. It is a special point to attract the children. The toys display tractor also has the stairs, it is a decoration part too.


The toys display has 3 colors, they are green, black and yellow. The main color is green for the toys tractor kiosk, black is for wheels and yellow is for wheels and seat. It is a beautiful color combination. The colors can be customized what you like.

Display Area of Toys Stand

There are two layers on each side of the toys display stand, it is for you to put the toys. Two wheels are with the 3 layers for toys too.

Production of Toys Shelf

These are the production pictures in our factory, you can see the colors and shape of the toys display kiosk is very beautiful. It is real effect you can see in our factory.

We can create the new design for the toys display shelf according to your thoughts. We can make the production for you to start your business.

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