Novelty Toys Kiosk in Mall Design  Design for Sale

There is no doubt that a novel toy kiosk will attract children’s attention more. If you recently wanted to open a toy store,then you must look here. I would recommend this toy kiosk to


First of all, This toy kiosk has 2 green display cases ,from a distance it looks like a creative two stools, easy to attract attention. You can hang some small accessories in the middle of the pole, making the store more attractive. Secondly, The height design of the column-shaped display cabinet is in line with the height of the child, it is convenient for children to touch the toy. Their materials are mainly plywood, tempered glass and stainless steel,The logo made of acrylic material is easy to maintain and clean. And you can also place the cash register on the table on the right side of the cabinet. Last but not least, design a door next to the cash register to facilitate

Above the square display cabinet are two glass cabinets, which you can use to display some sculptures to enhance the appearance of the store. The carpet can choose the color that matches the display cabinet.  You can also choose the same color as the floor of the mall. The cabinets stacked in front are suitable for storing small toys, which is very layered.


The following is the production photos, from which we can see that there are LED lights in the glass. The installation of LED lights will brighten the color of the toys placed inside. We will design the custom logo pattern in the white area below. The ceiling of the upper frame is a round lamp for decoration and cannot store and put toys.

Other real produce photos show

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