Customized toy store interior 3D design toy kiosk

In so many toy stores, how to make your toy store stand out? This needs to make the toy store design beautiful and attractive. On Unique Furniture, you can find out the answer for how to make a lovely toy shop design. Here we go for some tips on the toy shop design together.



Tip 1: The theme

Toy stores set up a theme according to the characteristics of toys in the design. At the same time to create a theme image, it is also easy to give consumers a deep feeling and impression.

Tip 2: Trend

The toy consumption trend is changing. If selling toys in the toy store have changed a few, but decorate a style or no change, is bound to give consumers the feeling of fatigue. So can according to the shop selling toys toy store as the theme, from time to time to adjust the layout of the toy store structure, with strong impression to consumers.

Tip 3: Color

In the toy shop decoration design color selection to bright. Toy store decoration design in the choice of color, you can choose to match with purple and white and light blue. At the same time in the choice of color, but also consider the decoration color and toy collocation coordination.


Our design team can make a customized toy store design for you. You can send us the store size or the floor plan of the candy shop. We will make it in 3D and send it to you, we can discuss the changes if you need. The design deposit of a toy shop is about 500-800$, according to your store size. We will make serval types of store furniture for you. You can check and let us know your idea.


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