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Are you looking for a nice wood display shelving for a candy and toy shop? Children can’t reject toys and own different kinds of toys during their childhood. It’s a profitable idea to open a toy store display in the drawing.

Introduction of toy store display

As we can see in the design, this toy display shelf is good to place in the middle store. We can use it to show toys, candies, and even books. No matter what products you sell, this toy store display shelf can help you well. Size is 2438mm x 1219mm x 2666mm. The main color is blue with white color, matching clients store decoration.

toy displayShape reference

This toy display counter looks like a house shape. Includes sloping roof, window decoration, display shelving on both sides. That attracts people’s attention and highlights products. The side has window decoration, looks like a total of two floors, which makes the toy kiosk vivid.

Display shelf

There is display shelving on both sides. Each shelving has a white light lamp to increase the brightness. Clients can purchase toys and candies directly. You can even put the different kinds of toys here. Consumers can also purchase goods freely.

Individual counter

There is an individual counter at the side, it has a total of two open shelving. It looks like a garden decoration with guardrail decoration. We also add lights to increase brightness and can also put items on the counter table.

Produce photos show

We can see the real looks of toy display shelving directly. And will also test it before package and ship out.

candy shop display candy shelf candy showcase

No matter how many sets and how much size you want. We can customize the toy storage furniture for you. And make it highly matches your shop theme.

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