Green Crepe Escape Store Counter to New South Wales

As we all know, the crepe is a very popular snack in the world. Nearly every people like it because of its delicious taste and affordable price. It’s a great idea to open a crepe store to earn money. It includes a crepe counter, checkout counter, working counter, etc. Let’s view more details together.

Description of the crepe store counter

There is a long table in the entrance, a big brand name in front of it. Clients can sit down and enjoy meals. When entering the crepe store, we can see the big display counter. With the refrigerator set near the sidewall, consumers can take away drinks directly. Because the cashier register next to it, the front counter has glass cabinets to place food. Do you like bubble color light decoration? It’s a very popular surface design now. A glass wall on the countertop to separate machines from customers.

Another side has 3 crepe machines on the top, all delicious crepes made here. The ingredient counter is placed at the innermost, which makes full use of the storage space and allows people to actively wait in line for meals. Inside is a drink counter for coffee machines. Menus on the top wall display cabinets, people can purchase their favorite food easily, You can also put add lightbox painting and wall decorates to make it unique and more attractive.

3D design pictures show

From the design picture, we can see each part clearly. The main color is light green, which gives us a clear and relax feeling. The crepe counter is made up of MDF. Marble stone as the countertop is easy to clean and strong enough to use. Other materials such as solid wood surface, stainless steel counter, the 3D acrylic hollow logo with light and 3D luminous logo, etc. Here is part of the design pictures sharing with you.

bubble tea booth Crepe store fixture Crepe counter Crepe shop


—-How to get such a beautiful crepe shop fixture?

You should first know your requirements. Then find a professional designer to show in 3D design. Finally produce store furniture and you can get what you want.

—-How long time to get crepe store furniture?

We recommend leaving 3 months before opening. You need to confirm the design before production. A new design needs 3-5 working days to finish. If you need small changes, it will take more time. Manufacture is about 35 working days, depending on the furniture you need. And a month for delivery, shipping time depends on the destination port.

—-Could I find someone to install it?

All the furniture will be finished in our factory, you just need to put them in the correct place and connection wires. It’s very easy. We can also provide after-sale services.

—-How to place an order?

You should first tell us about the shop size and confirm furniture decoration. Then we check the total amount and confirm the order. The payment term is 50% deposit before production and 50% balance before shipping.

—-How do I know that the counter you produce is correct?

The production follows on confirmed 3D design, so you can get the correct crepe counter. Besides, we will take pictures and videos to show process details, you can see directly how the furniture is built.

Everyone loves unique and attractive crepe store furniture, that’s why we provide custom made furniture. Our designer also creates a lot of good-looking shop designs, if you have any interest, I would be happy to share more. Hope you can learn more about customized furniture and make suitable crepe kiosks in the future. Looking to know your idea about crepe shop decoration. Thank you for reading

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