2021 new ice cream shop design& unique shop frunitures for sale

Hello, i am glad that you read this article now. From past to now, ice cream always very popular. Whether it’s an adult or a child, all like to eat it. And the ice cream have many different brands and different flavors. Due to it has good prospects for development, so many business man want to start his own busniess in this field. You can see many ince cream shops in the street, the mall, the shopping center and other space.

Are you looking for a nice store design? Do you want to buy some store frunitures? Do you want to succeed? Today is a special day, because i will introuduce a store design for you. I hope this article can help you to solve your problem. Now read it carefully.

ice cream store

The information about this shop:

What is your feeling when you first see this shop design? Are you attracted by its color? As you can see, the whole shop use many colors to decorate it. Such as, the blue, the red, the pink, the green, the write and other colors. It looks very harmony and freshness. Expect the color, you can see the layout also very nice.

When you first enter this shop, On your left side you will see a big counter with red, pink, write three main colors. It put some machines, some foods, and some ingredinets on it. And in it have some cabinets can use to store some ingredients, machines, and other you want to store.

On your right side, you can see a big area to let customer have a rest. Next to the window, has a long arc table and some chairs. It can let customers see the scenery outside while eating ice cream. Next to this arc area, it also have some tables and chairs to rest. As you can see, the table is write and the chairs, the sofa all blue. This combination looks very comfortable. Next to the rest area, it have a table in the corner. It can use to put some tools. Do you like this shop?

ice cream furnituresice cream furnitures

Ice cream shop design:

You can see this ice cream shop design is very nice. But our design is not single, we have a excellent design team. They will according to your requirements to make a lot of different 3d shop designs for you. For the customize 3d shop design, our design team will make a whole blueprint include the 3d design rendering, floor plan and CAD drawings. Our designer will make the design according to your floor plan then start to make the 3d model with the 3d rendering and send it to you. After you check the design, we can modifiy it if you needed. We will modifiy it until you satisfied with the 3d design. And then we will make the CAD drawing for your final confirmation. It include all the details like dimensions, material, color, floor plan, etc. Because each customer has their own requirements, so that is why we need to make the customize 3d design.

How to paking?

We will check the paking again and agian, and we will strict to deal with it. When your finished, we will start to paking it. First: we will use foam to wrap it. Second: we will use bubble to wrap it. Third: we will corner protector. Fourth: we will use cardboard to paking. Fifth: we will put it in plywood box with pallet. Only through these processes, we will ship to you.

paking and shippingpackingpaking and shipping

Delivery details:

When we finished your product and you pay the rest payment + shipping cost, we will ship it to you. The shipping time is based on your nearest port.

All in all, if you choose our company, we will let you feel satisfied. Thanks your time read it. I hope this article will let you have a nice idea. If you have any question, feel free contact us. Welcome inquiry!

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