We often see many bakeries in shopping malls, they sell cakes, breads, tarts, doughnuts and other baked goods. If you think the cost of opening a store is too much for entrepreneurs just starting a new business. You can consider opening a kiosk in the mall to start a cake business.
One of the biggest advantages of opening a kiosk is that its cost is not high. As long as you can get the mall manager to get a good position. Then I believe your business will flourish.

You can see this design, it is not very complicated. But it is very high-end, because its main material is solid wood. And with the tiles decoration which is very beautiful design. Solid wood is wood that is ground directly from a tree. Other types of wood, such as plywood, MDF, or veneer, are made from wood composites.

What is solid wood?

Solid wood is wood cut from a tree. Unlike ordinary wood, which is made up of an adhesive that sticks wood fibers together, solid wood contains wood fibers throughout the block. Do not use fillers or adhesives. Solid wood is often used in furniture, buildings, cabinets and floors. It doesn’t deform as easily as many engineered kinds of wood, but it’s more prone to stains. 

Solid wood is easier to repair than veneer or other engineered wood, which is one reason it is used in many types of engineering. There are several types of solid wood to choose from, so woodworkers, woodworkers and carpenters can choose from a large number of options for their projects. Each kind of solid wood has its own characteristics, including texture, color and texture.

Although this cake kiosk size is not too big, but also can for 1-2 staff to work inside. The main advantage is to use it for display and sell cake. Please feel free to contact us to make the cake customize for you.



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