4x2m Cupcake Food Kiosk Bakery Mall Stall Shipped To Italy

Cupcake, also known as “Fairy Cake”, which means simplicity, freedom, and happiness, and brings warmth and joy to people like a fairy. It satisfies the dual experience of taste buds and vision, and is also one of the theme elements of romance and love in people’s minds.

In the United States and some European countries, cupcakes commonly used as coffee desserts and afternoon tea. The term “cupcake” first mentioned in the United States in 1828. This is a small cake invented in the 19th century, once called the kitchen revolution. It has changed from weighing ingredients during baking to metering ingredients, so it saves a lot of time. Food historians have yet to find the exact source of the name cupcake.

Because the cake baked in a ceramic baking cup or cup mold, this is equivalent to the size of a teacup. Secondly, the raw materials for making cakes are measuring cups, so they are called cupcakes. Cupcakes should be regarded as a very cute little cake. It’s very simple, yet very delicate. Bake a furnace of cupcakes and decorate the surface with cream frosting, which is very eye-catching. If you want to make a cupcake kiosk in the shopping mall, please follow with me the steps.

This is a cupcake kiosk design with bar chairs. The size is about 4x2m, on the front of the corner, it is for the cashier counter. And 3 display glass showcase for the bakery food. On the right side you can see it is for the bar counter. The customer can sit and eat food here. The back side for other equipment. For all the equipment machines we can offer to you and ship them together with the kiosk.




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