Fresh juice shop furnitures & smoothie store fixture with bar counter design

Juice drinks have always been a hot seller, especially in summer. Drinking fresh fruit juice cold drinks in hot weather will make you feel good. We all know that there are many kinds of juice drinks. You should combine the tastes and styles of the locals to make drinks and make your business better. Here is our juice shop design, let us see more details as follow.

Fresh juice shop description

The facade design is the easiest place to get people’s attention. And it is also the key to our design. On the right side is the circular lightbox painting, adding LOGO can be used as decoration. In the middle of the store is the customer’s brand name. The transparent glass door allows people to see the layout, products and services inside the store from the outside, and makes them curious and want to go in and taste. Do you like this layout? We can create new designs based on your location to make your store more unique and attractive.

Let us pay attention to the bar counter, its material is solid wood and the countertop uses artificial stone, which looks very natural and practical. Fruits can display in the left part. You can put daily fruits here. People will feel relieved to drink your juice when they see fresh fruits. On the right part is the installation light box painting, embellishing the bar counter. The left side is responsible for the cashier, and the right side is the Popsicle small display freezer on the counter, which can increase your profit. Above the countertop are 4 advertising machines. We can also provide them if you need it. The back wall fixture is convenient to use.

The style of the tables and chairs should be consistent with the style of the whole store. So we can know the color of the stool is green and orange. And the color of the table is wood. The specific quantity of furniture depends on the size of your store, you can confirm all the details in the design. The area on the right is where customers enjoy juice and rest, and on the left is the display of fruits. The customer is satisfied after seeing the design. And our designer makes the store design better based on the customer’s ideas.

About the time

We have 3 time periods: design time + production time + delivery time. Design time is 3-5 working days, we will create the whole store 3D design, including the bar counter, furniture, logo, etc. So you can confirm all the details in the design. During the design period, you can make modification and add new idea. The production time is 18-25 working days. And the exact time depends on the quantity of furniture. All of our furniture is handmade, so the production time will cost long. In order to ensure the quality of the products.

For the shipping time, you can tell me which port is the nearest to you so that we can check the time and cost for you. Usually, the shipping time is one month by sea. If you want door-to-door way, we will find the best shipping method based on your detailed address. It’s all based on your needs.

We have done a lot of juice shop furniture and shipped to many countries.The customers are also satisfied with our design and the quality of our furniture. We have accumulated a lot of experience in manufacturing furniture. If you want to refer to more designs, we are willing to share with you and give you some good advice.

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