Every woman desires to have the best jewelry in the world. In fact, besides women, men also like jewelry. Good-looking jewelry can not only match your makeup better, but also add a different style to yourself. It is also a symbol of wealth and a representative of status. Exquisite and luxurious jewelry is the object of competition among the upper class. As a result, various businesses have tried various ways to attract customers. Some restricte purchases, the only ones in the world. And some, it is to provide exclusive customization, tailor-made. In fact, good jewelry requires not only good design, but also showcases and shop decorations that can perfectly display its characteristics.

So today, let me introduce you a luxury wooden jewelry store furniture decoration showcase.

Detailed info for this jewelry shop 

1.size:60 sq meters Luxury
3.materials used:Gold-plated stainless steel,MDF with brown paint finish,tempered glass,carpet with led lights idea:unique and elegant
5.production time:20-22 work days

When you walk into the store, what you see is the round showcase in the center of the store. The counter is made of solid wood and matched with tempered glass. No matter how big your jewelry store is, we can help you design the most suitable size.


Round display cabinet     

The wooden counter has a trace of Chinese style, but it has no sense of contradiction with the luxurious jewelry. It blends perfectly with the crystal chandelier on the ceiling. The beauty of jewelry is perfectly displayed in front of you. You only need to choose slowly, try it on, and buy the one that suits you best.


Curved display showcase

The design of the curved showcase makes it easier for customers to choose and wear. In addition, it is equipped with several independent small vertical display cabinets. Place the unique jewelry that you want to highlight so that customers can see it at a glance. The glass cover protects it and shows the beauty of jewelry to customers in all directions. With a black base cabinet and stainless steel baseboards. It reveals elegance while being luxurious. It shows that the style of the whole store has been sublimated.


Vertical standing counter

The vertical counter on the wall inside the store maximizes the use of space. Perfect use of the remaining space. It echoed well with the advertising light box on the wall. Choosing attractive advertising pictures, coupled with the physical display of jewelry in the cabinet, will inevitably not make customers impressed.



How to decorate your jewelry store?

Come to us!

Unique are a professionally company that can design and manufacture kinds of display showcases and cabinets for many years. And  we did many kiosks for our customers before. The UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and  Saudi Arabia are our main markets.  We have our own design team and exquisite workmanship, we can help you design your display cabinets as your needs. Besides, we can not only provide you with professional showcases, but also provide interior design and decoration according to your store. There is everything you need.

Our purpose is to provide you with satisfactory service.

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