Elegant Cosmetic Display Kiosk Mall Makeup Display Booth Design

Cosmetics are popular and used in life. Do a good job in the space layout of cosmetic display kiosk, cosmetics display cabinet and other commercial space is a little different, is a collection of display and sales of space, so to create a reasonable, smooth, strong guidance and convenient to visit the space layout.

Fashion cosmetic kiosk

It is a big cosmetic display kiosk in the shopping mall center. The booth is open for customers to come in. First of all, the perfume display kiosk supporting frame is very special and creative. One of special points of the display kiosk is the hollow-out design, which increase the texture. The front side is put different poster to attract people.

cosmetics display kiosk picture1

Another special point is that has many luminous lines with warm lights and purple lights. The back side of the kiosk is very colorful and it has two big makeup posters to show the kiosk sell what products.

perfume display kiosk p2


The logo signs on the top 4 sides of the cosmetics display kiosk are 3D acrylic, which is wonderful. Other logo type is neon lights on the kiosk wall and cabinets to show the display areas, which can lead the customers to buy the products.


Two same design cabinets are against the kiosk wall, one is for eyes products and other one is for face products. One big two sides display cabinet in the middle can show other cosmetics. Their bottom is purple light strip. Two small cabinets are on kiosk two sides.

Decoration of perfume display kiosk

The perfume display kiosk wall is decorated by the brick stickers. The middle is the wooden frame to hold the green leaves decoration inside, and it is with the shop brand sign. One small reception desk is in front of it. The ceiling has 3 parts, the middle part is wooden with a big lamp, and its two besides are with the spotlights.

Service area

One mirror counter is on the front pillar and its design is hollow-out too. There is one chair for customers to sit and the staff can help the customers make up.

Customers can see the products’ effect and would like to buy the goods better.


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