Cosmetic is very normal in our life, and most people will use the skin care to make their skin geting better and better. When you start to sell the cosmetic, you need to do the research about the brand which will be reliable. Only a good product will get the good reputation.

After you find a good product, you need to find a place in the mall and start your business. And then order a kiosk to sell your goods.


The front of the kiosk has a stand and the door.

The left of the kiosk has a stand which has a logo. The logo we use the 3d Logo which can be made of the acrylic. There is a veneer on the body of the showcase. Behind of the logo is the vood color board which can make the whole display stand more unique and professional. The edge of the wood board has a light strip to decorate the goods. And there is a high board with a light box can advertise your goods.

The right side of the kiosk has a door which can make people enter into the kiosk easily.

The back wall of the kiosk has a wall which can keep the privacy protection. There are three brands on the top. You can see that there are three light box on the wall. Below of the each brand has the led TV which can advertise the goods. There is a wall paper on the back wall to make the display stand more high-end.


The main material of the kiosk is plywood, and the surface of the kiosk is laminate. For the line of the wood, there are  many types you can choose from. Then we will use the laminate which you like very much.

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