Wholesale Mall Cosmetics Kiosk Makeup Display Cabinet Design


The special exhibits of the cosmetics showcase need to reflect the beauty of art. Through the individual artistic modeling, the showcase becomes a work with an artistic temperament, showing the beauty, plus the novel display method. To give customers a certain visual attraction. Customers usually pursue the beauty and coordination of the products. So when designing the showcase, you can design some small decorations around the products to bring out the artistic beauty of the products.

Variety display

When customers choose cosmetics, they will definitely pick and choose products that they satisfied with. If there are too few products, the first impression will not be good. The same cosmetics have different skin types. So when designing the showcase, it is best to fully display the variety of the series in this area to increase the choice.

Layout design

Compared with other products, cosmetics need to highlight product characteristics and show their own sense of existence. It is best to place a variety of products in the same place in the showcase. And is best to place products of different varieties and prices in layers. The height of the showcase display should be appropriate for easy access.


The size of the cosmetic showcase:

The size of the cosmetics showcase all customized and not fixed. It mainly determined by the structure, material properties. And craftsmanship of the cosmetics, space, salesperson, and showcase to display. The common specifications are 1000*300*1800/2000mm. According to the height, this kind of showcase can divided into the high cabinet and low cabinet. The high cabinet generally placed against the wall or placed independently. And the upper part is the cabinet, and the lower part becomes the base or leg. The size is generally 800*1800*1900/2200mm.




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