Shopping mall cosmetic kiosk —-In large and small shopping malls, the display of various cosmetics showcases has become a must-go for women to go shopping. Beauty lovers are always powerless to resist the temptation of various cosmetics. The effect is important. Exquisite packaging and tall display can also add a little persuasiveness in people’s minds. How to make the cosmetics in the showcase attract customers coming and going is not only a marketing tool but also an art.

A cosmetic showcase is a kind of display props. It is mainly used for display and storage in some stores such as shopping malls and stores. The cosmetic kiosk must have an individual appearance, powerful functions. And advertising effects to achieve better profitability. A customized cosmetic display showcase can provide a better platform for brands.

Shopping mall cosmetic kiosk details

What I want to introduce to you today is the cosmetic kiosk in the mall. It is an open kiosk, we can put our display cabinets and makeup cabinets in designated locations in the mall. From the design drawing, we can see that it is divided into two areas, the makeup area, and the product display area. Its main color is black, and we can see from the design drawing that it is very high-end. This is related to the position of our display cabinet and lightbox painting. The size that our customers get in the mall is about 5x3m. According to customer requirements, we need to design makeup counters and product display cabinets inside. How to arrange their location is very important.

Our cosmetic kiosk has a total of 7 makeup tables. Our product showcase and 3 makeup tables are placed on the edge. Then there is a certain place among us. If we don’t have many products, we can also put some makeup tables in the middle. In this way, we can receive more customers. There are lights installed next to the mirror of our dressing table, so you don’t have to worry about our vision is too dark.

Cosmetic Kiosk Decoration

A beautiful kiosk is definitely inseparable from our model poster. We can see that the back wall of this kiosk and the side of the dressing table are pasted with adhesive pictures, which instantly makes us kiosk very attractive. We all know that models are very beautiful, they can make our kiosk more professional.

The logo is also one of the decorations of our kiosk. This kiosk logo uses a luminous logo, which allows customers to clearly understand our brand. If we have a certain degree of popularity, our customers will trust us and take care of our business after seeing our brand.

Kiosk Assembly

We will install mirrors, lights, posters, sockets, and logos during production. We will also test the circuit before shipment, and we will arrange production when there is no problem. When you receive the goods, you only need to put the separate cabinets together. The bottom of our cabinet will be equipped with wires, you need to connect the plugs between them. Then connect the main wire to your mall, then it can work.

Cosmetic kiosk design customized for you as your needs:

If you are willing to open a kiosk in the shopping mall to sell cosmetic and makeup products. Please get back to us with your mall location size, and then we will discuss the details and design.

For the 3D design, we will charge a 300$ design deposit, we will send the first 3d rendering to you within 3-5 working days.

( The design deposit will deduce from the total cost when you order a kiosk ).

We will make changes to the kiosk if needed. To finish the 3D design until you are satisfied.

The final step before production we will make the construction drawing for you after confirm the 3D design.




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