Shampoo is necessities in our life. There are also many types of shampoos. Different shampoos target different scalps. And the function of shampoo is different, you can choose the type of shampoo according to your needs. In addition, shampoos are also divided into men’s shampoos and women’s shampoos. The shampoo market is huge, and you can rent a place from the mall to sell shampoo.

After you got a place, you need a display stand to start your business. We can customize the kiosk according to your requirements and assist you to sell the product well.

Description of the Shampoo Kiosk

The design idea is originated from the brand. The positioning of this brand is high-end market. So the design style of the kiosk is golden and luxry. Cosmetic kiosk include some display stand. One side of the kiosk has a logo brand, which can make peoplpe know the brand. Then customer will know the brand clearly. The bottom of the display stand has a display shelves which can display the goods.

The two sides of the kiosk display showcases which is the the shape of the cruved. Then middle of the display case has a light box which can advertise the goods.

One side of the kiosk put the display stand, abd which you can put your goods on the stand.

It has a floor which can make the stand more tidy and clean.

How Can I Start it?

  • Conatcting our sales, and tell them all of your needs.
  • Starting to do the 3d design according to your needs.
  • After you satisfied the 3d design, we will start to produce.
  • Please confirm all of the details before producing.




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