In recent years, nail art has become more and more popular. So many people will seize this opportunity. Because the threshold of this nail industry is not very high, as long as you have some experience. Nail art also adds a certain color to our lives. Especially for women, nail art is very necessary. Because in addition to a good-looking face, good-looking hands are also very important.

Most of the people will choose the nail kiosk as their first business. But if you have enough capital, we suggest that you can open a nail shop. A good shop will help you obtain huge profit.

Nail Shop Design

A professional shop design will let you see the effect that you put your ideas like the color, and layout, the shop theme and etc. I will introduce the nail & spa shop to you, you can take it as a reference.

Layout Description

The basic color theme is purple and white. The whole color we do according to the logo color. On the wall, you can see some actress poster, its really attractive and unique. We all know the movies (Marvel’s The Avengers) is really popular, and many people love it. The customer will face it when the customer sit and enjoy the service. Back the of the nail bar station, we put the nail polish display stand. Customer can choose their favorite nail polish at the same time.

Besides doing the nail business, the shop also can pedicure at the same time. There are many people will  choose foot bath to relax themselves, because of the stress from the life and work. In order to make the whole shop more beautiful and attractive, we add some wall paper or pinup picture on the wall. 

At the front of the shop, there are some place to beauty the eyelash, eyebrow and so on. A good beauty shop will include all kinds of the service. Because when the customer like your service, they will choose other items from your shop.

How to Open a Beauty Shop?

First of the all, you need to rent a good location to expand your business. A good shop place will increase more profit for you, because there are huge human traffic.  After you receive the beauty shop, you need to find the manufacturer to help you design the shop and produce the shop furniture for you.


The shop design is necessary to open a shop. Only you have a good shop design, you will have the final shop effect. the 3d design will show all of your requirements like the color, layout, and the light. All of these factors are important for the whole shop. You can see the whole effect on the 3d design, and will know is it whether suit you. We have a professional design team and can do the shop design for you. We can design and produce the shop furniture for you.

We have done more than 14 year experience, and have done all kinds display showcase, salon shop furniture. Each shop furniture has own style, because different shop has different style furniture.

There are some production photos we have done before, please kindly check it.

Each Brand will have their own design and unique ideas. They will express different ideas to customer. If you decide to open new beauty store, you need a professional design team to help you design and build shop furniture. We have done countless shop design and shop furniture already, and have rich experience on it. We believed that we can help you finish your shop design and produce the shop furniture.

You also can see other items on our website, hopefully can give you more helpful.

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