Brief introduction

The UNIQUE design is a retail interior designer specializing in the creation of commercially successful design solutions for premium hair salons, barbers shops, and beauty spa environments.

We provide services for international brands, and also we have a strong manufacturing team. We can provide a whole shop supply.

Item  Brand: LAROSE Luxurious Hair bar spa;

Service: Hair cut, salon;

Size: 120 sq. meter

Market: Congo, Comprehensive service

All of the furniture, equipment, hair chairs, the table and sofa of Lounge, mirror, and light, etc. are provided.

As one of the leading spa interior design and shop supply manufacturers, we warmly welcome you to buy customized spa shop furniture at competitive prices from our factory. And also, a quotation is available. The remarkable quality, perfect faith, and endless pursuit cause our US spa Shop perfect, spa shop Fixtures, Watch Wall Mounted Counter form a strong comprehensive strength in the marketplace.

Unique creative design and high-end furniture production process will make your business better and better!

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