Summer is coming, are you ready for your cold drink service?  In the hot dry weather, can drink a cup of cool milk tea is very happy.  isn’t it? when you walked in the shopping mall or street. you will notice there have so many different tea shop and juice bar. Have low cost, high income, by the majority of business love, so, from a small bubble tea shop to develop your business is a very good choice.

Here the one is a very creative bubble tea kiosk design for your meet.

1.Basic information about this bubble tea kiosk:

  • Size: 4000X3000mm.
  • Color: white, beige.
  • Material:  plywood, solid wood, Corian, tempered glass.
  • Service: beverage, bubble tea, coffee, juice.
  • Equipment:  ice maker, fridge, freezer, coffee machine, topping counter.
  • Accessories: acrylic logo, led light, socket.

ice cream kiosk

We can see the whole kiosk front part is white color solid wood decoration, with topping counter and cashier counter, the back side with beverage fridge, freezer, coffee machine, and ice maker. the back wall with beige color wooden strip decoration, do you like it?

ice cream kiosk

2. How Can I customize a bubble tea kiosk like this one?

  • have an idea about the whole project.
  • rent a lease in the mall. learn mall requirement.
  • Make a 3d design to get mall approval.
  • After confirming the design, start does the whole kiosk construction plan.
  • Production according to the drawings.
  • Install and shipping.

Thanks for your time and reading, if you’re interested to build a bubble tea kiosk like this one, or more related information, please feel free to contact us here. welcome inquiry!

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