Unique Kiosk offers a modern bubble tea kiosk design for the mall. Here are other creative design concepts for Happy.me Bubble tea Kiosk design ideas with Bar Counter for sale.

This kiosk concept is mainly combined with stone and solid wood to give out nature theme.  The body of the kiosk is built with fire-resistant plywood while the front side use features culture stone decorate.  With a big logo display at the back part wall, people can easily remember such a bubble tea shop. Furthermore, on the side of the kiosk, integrated a small bar counter where customer can enjoy the tea right away.

Bubble tea kiosk is not like green tea or flavor tea. when design the kiosk must consider many different aspects.

Exceptionally VERY YUMMY BUBBLE TEA FROM happy.me! You can make out all the individual flavors and it doesn’t give you that “slug-in-throat feeling you get from other ice teas because of the considerable number of additives and synthetic concoctions. I should state, however, that man-individual had the peach rooibos tea which I additionally did not by any stretch of the imagination appreciate – excessively solid. So I figure you may need to attempt a couple to locate your preferred foods grown from the ground combo.

If you need a similar concept ideas design for this bubble tea kiosk, welcome to visit us. We will offer you best quality bubble kiosk with fully equipment and all types of display solution.

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