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Totally Tea milk tea kiosk Shopping mall bubble tea kiosk for sale just shipped to the USA. Our customer is Chinese and he will open the kiosk in America. Where there are Chinese, there will be a tea shop, and the tea culture will be transmitted to the American people.

The milk tea was originally a daily drink of the nomadic people of the Mongolian Plateau. And it has been at least a thousand years old. The Mongolian Plateau is the hometown of nomadic people and the birthplace of milk tea. The most authentic one was Mongolian milk tea. Since the Yuan Dynasty, it has spread all over the world. Currently, there are different types of milk tea in the Greater China region, Central Asian countries, India, Arabia, Britain, Malaysia, Singapore, and other regions.

Milk tea, an oriental drink that undoubtedly originated in Taiwan, has conquered the taste buds of the world like a swift. This kind of tea with milk and a layer of pearl or milk cover is not only popular in China, but also Americans can’t help but fall in love with it. They use pearl milk tea to make rice, cover the park with pearl milk tea, and recently Invented a pearl milk tea that will shine. It can be seen that milk tea really brings a lot of happiness to people’s lives. Walking down the street, you can see people drinking and drinking with a cup of milk tea anytime, anywhere. This has become a beautiful landscape in the city.

Please see the 3d design drawing of Totally Tea milk tea kiosk Shopping mall bubble tea kiosk for sale:

juice booth bubble tea kiosk

What is the material of this Totally Tea milk tea kiosk?

The basic material is plywood and the surface finishing is laminate.

The glass we use 8mm tempered glass.

Logo: 3D Acrylic hollow out lighted logo.

Countertop: man-made stone.

The production pictures of the Totally Tea milk tea kiosk :

Milk tea kiosk production picture bubble tea kiosk production picture

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