Walking in the streets, you can see many young Ren holding a cup of milk tea in their hands and drinking while walking. Walking in a large shopping mall, you can also see many passers-by holding a cup of milk tea and talking and laughing with the people next to them.

Entering the company, you can see many white-collar workers drinking milk tea and eating snacks as their afternoon tea. This all proves the popularity of milk tea and the advantages of opening milk tea shops.

How to Open a Good Store?

Pay attention to the variety and taste:

according to the trend of food, a variety of different flavors of drinks are launched, so that consumers can have multiple choices.

Only in this way can there be the influx of new customers, it will also reduce the loss of old customers and increase your competitiveness.

Pay attention to location selection:

Generally speaking, milk tea shops generally choose to be in commercial plazas with a lot of traffic, or around or inside the school. Because these places have more young people and more students. Therefore, site selection is very important and needs to be measured.

Store decoration:

With the improvement of the economic level, decoration is also extremely important in the eyes of consumers, especially for fashionable drinks. Milk tea is one of the most favorite drinks among young people, and opening a milk tea shop is a good project to get rich. Unique shop decoration is a very important factor to attract customers. For example, the decoration below the picture will give people a sense of involuntary comfort.

Bubble Tea Counter

The bar is the backbone of our entire store. Only with the bar counter can customers use it better. The bar counter is very important to a food store, and only a good bar can give customers a good experience.There will be some dots on the counter, this kind of dots is very suitable for milk tea shops. We have a lot of milk tea kiosks that will use this style.


We have done many sets, the logo we have done more types, and can customize the logo for you. We can do the acrylic logo, stainless steel logo, and sticker and also can do the logo with  lighted and with all of your needs.


The main material of the bar counter is MDF, the surface we do the baking paint. The top of the bar counter is white stone.


The package include the outside package and interior package. The interior package is EPE foam to pack the edge of the food counter. The outside package we will use the wooden cabinet which made into MDF.


The time include the design time (3-5 working days), the production time will take the about 25-28 working days. The shipping time based on which port is near to you.

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