Baking has always been very popular. Not only is it delicious, but it is also very convenient. Bread is very suitable for dessert and breakfast. Most people will treat bread as breakfast. Because most will buy bread in a bakery. In this way, a lot of profits have been accumulated for the bakery. You can see that now all major shopping malls sell bread. So its competitive pressure is very large.

So if I want to open a store, what do we need to pay attention to?

First, you need to find a good address to start your business. Because only a good location can attract more customers. Only in order to make the performance of their stores get better and better.
Secondly, we need to have a good shop decoration so that we can attract more customers’ attention.

The Shop 3D Design

If you design, you need to consider a lot of issues. The first is the color theme, the second is the layout and the type of display shelf. In addition, the light issue must be considered. Because only good light can make bread look more delicious. Only in this way can customers have the desire to buy products.

Color Theme,

The main colors of this shop are pink, light green, and white. Because most girls like to eat desserts, this color is very attractive to girls. The wall will use the pink and the light green. The display stand will use the white and pink color.


This bar consists of two parts which include the bar counter and the display stand.

Display stand

You can see a display cabinet on the left. The countertop is made of artificial stone, the underside of the bar is pink solid wood, and the solid wood surface is painted. There is an LED light strip under the countertop. You can see a glass display cabinet next to it. The display cabinet is made of stainless steel, glass and artificial stone.

On the back wall is a laminate display, you can put your own products on it to show your customers.

Bar Counter

The bar is generally also called a workbench. You can make coffee for customers or heat food for customers. The bar also has a sink, which is convenient for customers to wash and care.

Cashier Counter

We usually put the cash register near by the wall. Then there will be a logo and a price list on the back of the wall. This allows customers to better understand the price of the product and choose what to buy. The top we use the artificial stone and the body of the cabinet is MDF. The surface we use the pink baking paint, and install the light strip under the counter top.


Production Process,

Before produce the shop fixture, we need to confirm very details. We need to do the wooden cabinet firstly and will reserve the places of the sockets, logo, and light box. After wooden cabinet, we need to polish the wooden cabinet and make the surface more smooth. The do the baking paint. Final step is to install the some other accessories.

How to Design?

We are professional design team and can customize the bakery store for you. You can tell me your shop size. We will design new shop design based on your size. And you can tell me all of your needs about the shop. We have professional design team, and can display all of your needs on the 3d design. Then you can see the whole effect with your needs.

Order Process

3D design- confirm details- produce- installation- packing and shipping



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