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Welcome to our website. Whether it is new customers or old customers. I am very happy that you enter our website. I hope you can find what you want here. After reading the title. I think everyone knows what this article is mainly about. It’s about bubble tea stand. But let’s talk about bubble tea first. This is a very popular drink.  Some people drink it every day. Some people even joked that daily life all depends on bubble tea.

How much do people love bubble tea? I have an example that happened in my city.

We all know that many people recently closed their business due to the coronavirus, and were forced to stay at home for more than a month. Many bubble tea shops are not allowed to operate. When things get better, I went shopping and saw there were many people standing in front of one closed shop, in sharp contrast to other empty shops. I thought it strange that when I got closer. I found that the bubble tea shop was open. It’s just that their shutter door is almost closed. And the customer takes their bubble tea in the small gap below. Can you imagine this picture? I also very like bubble tea, and I am sure people are the same everywhere. It turns out that the bubble tea business can make money no matter where it is. If you want to start a business, bubble tea is a good choice.

Especially in the shopping mall, there has a lot of kiosks, and there must be a bubble tea kiosk. The shopping mall is a very good sales center, bubble tea is a very popular product. The combination of the two can bring you a lot of profit. So most people look for us to make bubble tea stand. OK, let’s see what the bubble tea stand looks like in the mall first.


We can see it looks like a bar counter in the bubble tea shop. But it happens to be the core, and with it, you can make any drink. You can put all your machines in it. There is a cashier in front to receive customers. There is also a menu where customers can choose their favorite drinks and place orders. The kiosk can hold the refrigerator and the sink. The machines have sockets and power for them to run. Behind is seat area, that lovely chair, let a person see appetite soars. It makes people wish they could buy more and enjoy the food here. We can give you whatever you need. Just tell us what you think and what you need.

Shenzhen unique furniture is a  custom company, we can design the kiosk you want. We can work the design together, you tell me your ideas we draw it. We knew that the people in the mall would ask us to submit a drawing of the kiosk for their review. It is no problem, we have our designers and we can make the 3d design for you to give the mall. After approval, we start production. All designs and drawings will proceed to the next step after you agree.

Our production is transparent, you can check the progress of your goods at any time. A lot of people care about the price. Our price is based on size, material, and style. It depends on the final design. so we need to make the design first.

If you have any questions, you can contact us for more details. Because everyone’s situation is different. We need to combine your situation to give your advice.

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