White color multi functional bubble tea showcase to South Africa

Hello Everyone! Glad to meet you here. Are you looking for a multi function bubble tea showcase? Do you want to sell coffee, ice cream and cakes at the same time? Do you need a unique designed kiosk based on your own requirements? Now there is a beautiful bubble tea showcase to meet your demand. This kiosk including working counter, machine place, display showcase and storage area. Which would be convenient to use. Let’s learn more about it.

Description about  bubble tea showcase

  1. Basic material: Plywood or MDF
  2. Surface: Baking paint or laminate (Tile, solid wood, and plastic plants should also use for decoration)
  3. Size: 4m×2m
  4. Color: White with pink and blue
  5. Style: Modern and beautiful style

We can see in the design, there are logo in the 3 sides. And there is a cashier  counter and a big display showcase in the front side. In the corner is a freezer for cold water. On the left side are two crepe machines and cake counter. The bake side is prepared for coffee and waffles with water sinks and under counter shelves. And the posters in the front and back side show delicious smoothies you are ceiling. Do you like this bubble tea display showcase design?

3D designs

bubble tea kiosk

How to get a customized kiosk?

First, let us know the dimension of your location, the color, style of the kiosk. Second, our designer draw a new 3D design based on your own requirements. Third, confirm the design and detail drawing. If there is any small changes, we will modify in time. Finally, make the kiosk according to the confirmed drawings. During the production, we will keep you informed all the process and take photos or videos to show you all the details.

When the kiosk is finished, our workers will assembly the kiosk in our workshop to make sure everything works well. Then, packed every parts carefully and send it to your country. When you need to know further information, please contact us soon. We are online and ready to help. Welcome to let us know your own design idea. Thank you

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