Hello friend, i will introduce the UK Bubble Tea Booth with Eye-Catching Design in Retail Mall for Sale to you. Bubble Tea is good rest drinking, many girls like it. Though it can make pepole fat, many people can not resist bubble tea. When you go around on the street, you can see many bubble tea shop on the street. This means that the industry is highly competitive. But fortunately, the cost of selling bubble tea is not high. I belive that many people can afford it. You can rent a booth, not shop. beacuse it will be cheaper than shop.

Before you start to do the business, what things do you need to prepare?

  • Find the place in the shopping mall
  • Oder the bubble tea booth from manufacturer

we are China manufacturer, and provide customized service. we can produce the bubble tea kiosk according your needs. Then i will introduce the bubble tea booth to you. You just take these as a reference.

The Introduction of Bubble Tea Booth

Material: the body of the booth is plywood; the surface use laminate; the counter top use the white artificial stone.

Size: 4.2×2.2m

Layout: the front of the bubble tea booth put the display showcase and the cashier desk; the left put the material; the middle and back put the machines and sink. the back corner we put cherry tree to decorate the booth.

Including: 304 stainless steel baseboard, the light acrylic logo, lamp belt, light box, lock….and so on.

How to order it?

  1. We need to do a design according your needs, Before that, you need pay 300 USD. But it will refund to you, when you confirm the order.
  2.  You need pay the 50% deposit for the production. when the booth finished, you need to pay the balance.
  3. About the installation, we will install it when we ship it. and we also can take video or photos to you. When you receive it, you just connect the wire together,

Contact Information

Contact Person: Karena Yang

Whatsapp or wechat: 008613410560420

Email: sales01@myidea-kiosks.com



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