Optical kiosk

The overall style of the optical kiosk is vintage. Ceiling with lights, we can add the name of the logo. Make a wall behind the optical kiosk with two light boxes embedded in the wall, and put the poster inside the light box. There are also two 3d logos on the wall, and the wall in the middle can be placed with other posters or other. In front of the wall, a reception desk and cash register are placed for customers to check out and consult here. The most important thing is our showcases. Inside this kiosk, there are wood and white showcases. There are lights inside each showcase to illuminate our glasses products, and our logo can also be added on our showcase.


The kiosk use the MDF with baking paint. This material is beautiful and glossy. Many kiosk use this material, such as Jewelry kiosk, cosmetic kiosk, shoe kiosk etc. And the floor we usually use the PVC floor, it environmental protection, not only thin and super wear-resistant, with high elasticity and super impact resistance, fire, anti-slip and flame retardant, is a good performance, a wide range of uses.

Custom optical kiosk

Our kiosk need to customized, we can custom the size according to your requirements. Such as style, colors, materials, logo etc. The showcases have many styles, you can choose the design you like on our website. Or you have new ideas, also can make it. We have professional design team, can help you make a 3d design. And we have many different country customers, and helped them get the approval of the mall.

Shipping and production

We can help you ship kiosk to your country, just send your address for us, we will help you to check the shipping cost. And the production time usually about 24-28 working days. The fact time need to check according to the factory. We can make the 3d design first, and then comfirm the design in order to production. If you are interesting this kiosk, pls contact us, thanks.

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