With the development of the times, electronic products emerge endlessly, which has a vastly huge advantage, but a coin has two sides, its damage is not to ignore. More and more people suffer from myopia, which creates the development of another industry—glass industry. As we all know , this industry has sudden huge profits. In the market, we wear a glass that costs at least 300yuan, but it costs just a little. Many people see this chance and want to have a try. Therefore, if you have an idea, this poster is worth reading! I will introduce a glasses kiosk as follows.

The interior decoration detail

As we can see from the picture, this kiosk looks like a simple house,which is different from other .In our daily life,we usually see a glasses kiosk whose color is black and white.But this is out of ordinary .Its main tone is white and wooden color,it looks more modern and distinctive.


The function of glasses kiosk is to show the glasses. Therefore, it is indispensable to have some showcases. There are two showcases and it contains a drawer, which can have enough space to show or store the glass. The top of the showcase is vitreous, and the customers can see and choose the favorable style. Around the showcase, it installed some light strips. When we draw the 3D design, our designer will leave some space to hide the light strip. Keeping them can have an effect but without being seen. In this way, customers can view the glass and see its details more clearly. Also, there are three house-like display stands, which accord with the whole layout and look more funny. When people are looking for their favorable glasses frame, these stands will increase invisibly their good feeling. They are willing to spend more time choosing product instead of leaving quickly.


There is a cash register equipped with locks. Therefore, you don’t worry about your property security when receiving the guests. As other shops like this, there is a small reception desk.

On the door head, it is obvious to see your kiosk name and logo. You can send us your logo when doing the 3D design, and we will add it, then you can see its effect from that.

As we can see from the picture, there are some ceiling lights. The black exterior shell is not incompatible but more elegant and beautiful. It is a hard test of a person’s design level and we have these 4 excellent designers.


How to design?

When we know your basic requirements and favorite style, we can start to make 3D designs. The 3D design includes all the details. Such as furniture size and quantity, logo and lighting.ect. Before designing, we need to charge a design deposit of 300US dollars. We will deduct it from the order price, only you need to pay in advance. The design is not one-time work. You need to confirm the details and help you make modifications during the period. Which takes time and effort to complete together. So the deposit should be paid.

We will send the design for you to check within a week. You can add new ideas according to your ideas. To ensure that our design can meet your requirements. After you check the final design, we will make construction drawings so you can check everything is ok. If you open the store in the mall, you can send the design to the mall for approval. Then you can pay a 50% deposit and we arrange production.


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