Fashion style optical display stand sunglass kiosk design for sale

As mobile phones and computers are gradually entering thousands of families, school children’s vision issues are also growing! According to this situation, already have many people started the optical or sunglass business. This is a kind of high-profit business. Better to open in places near the school or office building.

This is a fashion style optical display stand sunglass kiosk design for sale. It is not a big size kiosk but enough for you to start a small optical & sunglass business in the shopping mall.



This is a mall display booth for the shopping mall and it can for you to start a small retail business. It has a single pillar with a logo and a rotating display stand. And a cashier counter with a big stainless steel lighted logo on the front. On the back of the cashier counter is a long display stand. With this long size display stand you can display optical, sunglass and watch etc.

Under the stainless steel toe kick has the red color led strip light and it can let your kiosk look more attractive. The logo of this optical kiosk all use stainless steel lighted logo. And the countertop material we can use solid wood or laminate material.


If you want to start an optical kiosk in the shopping mall, you need to find a location and let us know the size first. We will customize a new optical kiosk design to start your retail business. If you have a logo we can add it to the optical kiosk design.

After we finish the design we can send it to you and then you can send it to the mall management for approval. Finally, we will make the construction drawing for you to confirm everything.

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