In order to improve the image and transaction rate of the glasses shop before or after the glasses business started. We need to spend a lot of time on the choice of glasses display cabinets. When choosing a display cabinet in an optical shop. The owners of an optical shop should not only consider the raw materials and materials of the display cabinet. But also pay attention to the size of the display cabinet in the optical shop. So when choosing a spectacle showcase. How should the owner of the spectacle shop determine the size of the spectacle showcase?

The size of the sunglass display showcase optical store display stand:

The common cabinets in the optical shop are high cabinets, low cabinets and middle island cabinets. When we generally make high cabinets for display cabinets, the design elements of the high cabinets generally do not exceed 2.7 meters in height, 1.2 meters in width, and 0.7 in depth. Meters. When making low cabinets, the height should not be higher than 1 meter, the depth should not exceed 0.7 meters. And the width can be similar to the width of the high cabinet and no more than 1.2 meters.

We can do the customize sunglass display cabinets with your logo and other requirements. Our professional design team can make a unique optical store display showcase with all your requirements. Please welcome to contact us to start the 3D design for the sunglass mall kiosk.

How to start the 3D design of the sunglass kiosk? Please let me know your size of the kiosk before we make the design. For the 3D design we will need 300USD design deposit. We will send the 3d design of the sunglass kiosk within 3-5 working days after we receive the design fee of the optical store display cabinet.



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