Sunglasses Display Showcase For Mall Small Size Eyeglasses Kiosk Design

When choosing a spectacle shop display cabinet, the owners of the spectacle shop should not only consider the raw materials and materials of the spectacle display cabinet. But also pay attention to the size of the spectacle shop display cabinet. So when choosing a spectacle showcase, how should the spectacle shop owner determine the display of the spectacle shop. What about the cabinet size?

The common cabinets in the optical shop are high cabinets, low cabinets and middle island cabinets. When we make high cabinets for display cabinets, the design elements of the high cabinets generally do not exceed 2.7 meters in height, 1.2 meters in width, and 0.7 in depth. Meter. When making low cabinets, the height should not be higher than 1 meter, the depth should not exceed 0.7 meters. And the width can be similar to the width of the high cabinet and no more than 1.2 meters.

The main function of the high glasses showcase is to display goods. Especially high-end glasses frames, sunglasses, contact lens areas and some new products are more suitable for display on the high cabinet. For high cabinet display products, when designing different products in the order of placement, you should also pay attention to the practical functions of the glasses display cabinet itself. It is not possible to make the same counter for every product.


Our company can make any customize commercial display cabinet or showcase. Not only for the sunglasses, but also other products. It mean if you want to start the business, we can make the kiosk for you to start it. So please feel free to contact us, our professional sales team. We will make your dream come true. Let’s do it!




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