NYS Collection Sunglass Kiosk Optical Display Stand For Shopping Mall

The lighting design of the sunglasses display cabinet first came from the top light source. Fluorescent lamps are often used inside the display cabinets to improve the overall brightness, and warm light is also possible.

In addition, cold-light spotlights and LED lights installed at the left and right corners of the front of the counter as supplementary light sources. To enhance the three-dimensional effect of the product. In particular, the sunglasses display cabinets that reflect the unique texture of sunglasses through corner spotlights or LED lights. Thereby stimulating customers’ desire to buy. And the dazzling effect can set off simplicity and generosity. After all, it is the glasses that attract customers’ attention, not other decorative ornaments.


This is a small sunglasses display booth in the shopping mall. The size is about 3x3m, material we will use laminate, MDF with baking paint. The glass we will use 8mm tempered glass. For the logo, we will make 3D Acrylic lighted or not lighted logo. The layout is 1 cash register counter and with some display stand for sunglasses.


How to customize the 3D design with your mall location size?

Our design team will make a new sunglass kiosk or optical display stand with your logo and all your requirements.

We will help you to complete the design until get approval from the shopping mall or landlord.

For the high-quality sunglass kiosk design we will charge 300USD design deposit but it will deduce from the total cost.

After we confirm everything, we will start the production after we receive 50% deposit.

We will send the production pictures to you during the production for you to check everything before we ship it out.




Contact person: Amy Chen
Whatsapp: 0086 18823466142
WeChat ID: ShenzhenUnique

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